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Kind Souls Please Help Donate to A Needy Student!

Hi! My name is Leon, 18. I am an Australian student living in the United States, Michigan. I hate to ask people for money but now I really have no choice. Your kindest help is needed. Every dollar you donate helps me a long way! Please help a student in need of money to fund his education and also to support his everyday basic expenses. Currently, I wish to continue to study here. I need to raise $200,000 as fast as possible! Please help me. I accept donations securely via Paypal or Moneybookers. Even if you have no money to spare, at least help me make a search. Help me, so that I can continue to study here! Read about my story...

Thank You!
May God Bless You

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Make a search everyday thru' this link! Please search only ONCE per day & click on the FIRST search result. For every search you make, the search company will donate 1/4 cents to me.
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