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Why Do I Need Your Help?

I am a student from Australia and is currently living in the United States. (^_^) Both my parents are living in Australia, Sydney. My Daddy had a job as an office adminstrative manager and my Mum worked as a part-time cashier in a supermarket. We owned a house there and are very happy.

After finishing elementary school in Australia, my parents sent me to the United States to continue my high school education. Because at that time my parents can afford the extra money and wants to give me the chance to become independent by sending me to study abroad alone. In the US, I live in a very small rented apartment in Michigan and have a very ordinary lifestyle. Every month, my parents will send me my allowance and help me settle my bills, school fees and rent here. In return, I tried to study very hard for them but at the same time, I was very actively playing basketball - I just love basketball : ) Mainly because of basketball, my results are only average during high school. Getting mostly Bs and a handful of Cs.

During my time in the US, I kept in contact with my family by phone and e-mails. Everyday, I will write something to my Daddy and Mummy. Weekly, I will make a call so that they can hear my manly voice : ) Soon after, I applied to study a degree in Biotechnology here and was accepted. I will not reveal the name of the school ; )

Everything was fine until, during a summer break, I went back to Australia for my holidays. To my horror, I found out that both my parents are barely cooping with their life. They are both retrenched and out of job! I didn't know anything when I was away; from the e-mails and calls they feel normal and I continued to get my allowance monthly, therefore I did not feel anything amiss. It was then that I found out that they had lost their jobs for 3 months already since Oct 2002. Most of their savings are spent on my education and they are borrowing from friends and relatives to support my University education. When I asked them why they didn't tell me earlier. They just told me to continue to study hard and don't worry about the financial matters. How could I not worry! I even suggested to stop pursuing my degree. It was a PAINFUL decision though.

But my parents knew that I had always wanted to become a researcher and my dream is find a cure for cancer patients. They didn't want to break my heart. Thus, they ordered me to continue studying. A semester of university study cost us about $35,000. My degree is a 3 year course and will cost me a total of about $200,000 in total. We had already borrowed about $80,000 in total which we have to return. In addition, the phone bills, utilities bills, school fees, etc... are also weighing heavy on us.

I'm a bit shameful to ask people for money just like that but to think of that I really have no choice. I know there is a lot of kind people out there and I hope that you can help us. Please help me so that I can continue to complete my degree and also help us out for our daily basic expenses and repay our loans. We need $200,000 and if everybody out there is kind enough to donate a dollar to us. We will recover back to our normal life in no time. I thank you in advance!

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